We have a variety of insurance covers to help provide your customers with a wide selection of choices to help protect the important things in their life.

Gadget and Mobile


Gadget insurance is a popular add-on for customers.. We can provide a standard package or menu based approach allowing you to select from a wide range of gadget options

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Key Protection


Provide your customers with peace of mind that they have 24/7 assistance in case their keys are lost , stolen or damaged (including locks) . Optional covers includes cover for safes and garages, no initial waiting period for lost keys and costs for hire car or public transport

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Family Legal Assistance


Legal disputes can run up hefty bills. Our policy reimburses your customers for any advisor costs, when pursuing or defending legal action

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Handbag and Wallet


Covers the repair or replacement of the handbag and its contents in the event of loss, accidental damage or theft

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ID Theft


Provides legal protection and assistance in the event that personal data is stolen

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