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URIS Group Insurance Insider Honours Finalists

On 4th September 2024, the 13th annual Insurance Insider Honours will take place to celebrate and recognise the best and brightest in the industry, commend peers for their innovative and groundbreaking ideas and congratulate colleagues on outstanding achievements.

After one month of review and scoring the Insurance Insider judges gathered on 13th June for a day of deliberation. This important stage in the process provides a level of rigour and transparency to ensure that all decisions on finalists and winners are fair.

We are absolutely delighted that URIS Group have been shortlisted for this year’s ESG initiative award.

ESG Initiative of the Year - Shortlist:

  • Aon - Transition Performance Index (TPI)

  • Beazley Digital - Better Business Hub

  • Lloyd’s of London - Lloyd’s & Moody’s Emissions Accounting Proof of Concept

  • Romero Insurance Brokers - Road to Sustainability

  • URIS Group - UGL Sustainability Programme

The ESG Initiative of the Year is an award which recognises that our market has a part to play in the long-term future of our planet, the success of our businesses and the choices our people make. The winner will be able to demonstrate a programme which sits as part of a wider ESG strategy and could include several different elements such as:

  • Investment strategies

  • Equal and progressive recruitment practice

  • Community outreach and investment

  • Supply chain management

  • Ethical business practice

  • Waste and energy management

  • Net zero strategies

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