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URIS Group has been awarded
the Gold Investor in Customers (IIC) accreditation

URIS Group has gained awarded the Gold Investor in Customers (IIC) accreditation, an independent awarded endorsement that reflects our Group tag line “placing customers at the heart of what we do”.


The IIC scoring matrix is split across four key criteria: understanding customer needs, meeting customer needs, delighting customers and engendering loyalty. When assessing each business, the IIC team gathers feedback from clients, staff and managers to form the basis of its results.


Tony Barritt, managing director of Investor in Customers, said: “URIS Group provides an exceptional customer experience on behalf of its partners and the core values the company aspires to are embedded across the organisation. Senior managers lead by example and continuously strive to identify and implements service improvements. The quality of service is consistent across all areas that IIC covered in its audit and this is backed up by results seen from customer and staff surveys.


Nicola Walsh, Change and Operations Director at URIS Group, added: “We were very pleased to have received the Gold IIC accreditation this year, achieving the highest accolade again has made us all incredibly proud. “Client satisfaction is something we take extremely seriously, and it’s vital to us that all our clients – regardless of the size of their portfolios – feel that our advisers and wider support teams  behaviour truly shows we care and always have their best interests at heart. “We invest time and take great care to really get to know all our clients and ensure that they feel their needs are our first, second and third priority. To have this recognised by a distinguished body such as the IIC is a great feeling.” 

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